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Modbus Tutorial for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and

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RS485 Library for Arduino Enables sending and receiving data using the RS485 standard with RS485 shields, like the MKR 485 Shield. This library supports the Maxim Integrated MAX3157 and equivalent chipsets


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Я выяснил что судейская система имеет порт rs-485 на который поступает data feed. Чтобы принимать этот feed, надо соорудить интерфейс, принимающий биты от rs-485 и передающий их по ethernet

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After obtaining an industrial distance sensor, TUENHIDIY decided to use it as the basis for an interesting visual indicator. The device communicates with an Arduino Uno via an RS-485 module, and outputs distance values in the form of a 9 x 14 pixel display made out of discrete LEDs soldered onto an LoL Shield

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The shield allows for full-duplex communication by using the Maxim MAX489 RS-485 chip. Additionally, the shield has a wide-input voltage regulator on board, which allows you to power the shield and Arduino remotely in a way similar to Power over Ethernet

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Arduino Mega communicate with the arduino Nano serial by using the rs485 module. The Mega Arduino have the leds and the Nano arduino have the push buttons. when push a push buttons then communicate via serial communication with RS485 module.

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DFRobot RS485 Shield for Arduino by This allows RS-485 to implement linear bus topologies using only two wires. The equipment located along a set of RS-485 wires are interchangeably called nodes, stations or devices

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Arduino MKR 485 Shield is designed to allow the Arduino MKR series of development boards to connect to industrial automation systems using the RS 485 protocol. The MKR 485 Shield can also be used to extend the serial wired communication over much a.

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RS485 CAN Shield for Arduino and other robot products. At RobotShop, you will find everything about robotics

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Подключайте RS-485 к управляющей электронике с помощью двух трёхпроводных шлейфов. При подключении к Arduino и Iskra JS удобно использовать Troyka Shield

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So far, we have seen RS485 Serial Communication between Arduino Uno and Arduino Nano, today in this we will seeRS-485 communication between a Raspberry Pi and Arduino UNO. RS485 Serial Communication Protocol. RS-485 is an asynchronous serial communication protocol which doesn’t not.


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You may want to connect an Arduino MKR board with an Ethernet cable instead of using WiFi. An Ethernet connection can sometimes be stabler, faster, and more secure


Is it possible to use the MKR 485 shield with

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On the far end of the bus, the second receiving EVAL-ADM2795EARDZ, EVAL-ADICUP-360, and Arduino Motor control shield and provide output to a standard industrial motor. Sample Arduino code for the transmitting and receiving RS-485 nodes is located at the end of this Wiki guide

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Connecting RS-485 with Arduino. RS-485 Module can be connected to any microcontroller having serial port. For using RS-485 module with microcontrollers, a module called 5V MAX485 TTL to RS485 which is based on Maxim MAX485 IC is needed as it allows serial.

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Arduino MKR 485 Shield ASX00004 - MKR 485 SHIELD, MKR DEV BOARD. Arduino Leonardo ETH A000022 - ARDUINO LEONARDO ETH SINGLE BRD COMPUTER. Arduino Due A000062 - Development Board, Arduino Due, AT91SAM3X8E MCU

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